Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interesting (and Sad) Statistics

Looking at how my posting has been going on this particular blog, its interesting and sad stats to look at. The year Lily was born, 2005, I had 34 posts. The next year was down to 18, and I don't know what happened in 2007, maybe it was the new house and stuff, but I only posted twice for the whole year. And one of those posts were 2 weeks into that year, and one in March. This year is shaping up to be better, even though I didn't post until half way through the year. Since its been a light year for pictures, here's a picture that Lily drew.

What Am I Up To?

Since I've been getting responses lately that I should post more stuff now that I'm posting, I thought I should point out that I do post on other sites quite regularly.

  • Twitter. I'm on it at least 5 times a day, and check it more often than email or my RSS feeds. I post on it at least weekly.

  • Tumblr. Right now it's what I post to the most (next to Posterous, see below), I may end up pointing my noisepark.net domain to it once I design a template for it.

  • Facebook. If you ever find my status to be weird on Facebook, its because it comes from my tweets on Twitter. Either place will give my bizarre stream of ramblings. My tumblr blog should show up there as well, but the app for it is always broken. I am on Facebook at least twice a day. Those of my family that read this blog need to hang out on FB more because its like going to a family birthday party and seeing who's there and what their up to. I have 35 friends now, so its my one-stop-shop for seeing what's up with everybody.

  • Posterous. Posterous is my new blog, its brand new and I like their approach, I can email my post, and have it send that same post to all my blogs simultaneously. So it's really a catch-all for all my favorite links that find. If its not on Facebook or Posterous, then it didn't happen. Posterous is where I like to bookmark sites and comment on them.

There, that's where I can be found. This blog is showing its age.

By the way, I hope all of you are reading this from a Feed Reader (RSS Aggregator) rather than from the website itself. If you don't know what it is, google "Google Reader" or visit http://www.newsgator.com